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Govt allocates expenditure from planning to finance deptt

Jammu and Kashmir government has allocated expenditure from planning, development and monitoring   department   to the finance department.

On reference of    State    Administrative    Council    decision    number 90/13/2018, dated September 18 and government order number 407-FD of 2018, dated September 20,   Administration accorded sanction to for substitution of Annexure "A" in government order number 407-FD of 2018 Dated September 20 by Annexure “C” to this Government Order.

It also transfer of the area planning and perspective planning division of the planning development and monitoring department to the finance department and their renaming as on functional basis as Development Expenditure Division-I and Development Expenditure Division-II respectively.  

Poultry processing unit holders on Thursday said that all the chicken dressing units operating in Kashmir are ‘well-established’ with proper registration of the industries department.

Jammu and Kashmir Government has initiated the process for the formation of next budget with the finance department on Thursday announcing the schedule for discussion on budget proposals for 2019-20.

Source: Greater Kashmir