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Kashmir political bandwagon

Confronting each other is not the hallmark of a healthy politics

With prominent trade union leader Abdul Qayoom Wani jumping into Kashmir political arena the political bandwagon has turned tight and colourful. If speculations are true, then his electoral competition against his erstwhile boss will make the contest more interesting. Recently someone has rightly said ‘our trade unions have become political nurseries’! There is nothing wrong in it. Late Georg Fernandes who was once the most powerful trade union leader and had the distinction of running the longest Indian Railways strike later became Union Minister for Indian Railways. The powerful trade union leader like Datta Samant and several of his ilk entered Indian parliament through the trade union route. Not long ago several local trade union leaders started the movement of joining politics in Kashmir and have flourished beyond their expectations. How long will this trend last and influence the future of trade unionism in Kashmir only time will tell?

Qayoom Wani and his onetime boss now a politician himself during a faceoff in recent past had one of the most unpleasant verbal brawls. And it seems they have not left their animosities behind before joining the political craze. Their browbeating each other and calling names in public is certainly not a good omen both for them and our politics. Their nasty confrontation is going to decide the contours of our forthcoming political scenario. What should we expect from such polity that is unable to respect its existence and values? These guys have brought their hostilities on the road and are about to wash their dirty linen in public shortly. The political weight ( both hidden and known) behind these two bigwigs will not allow them to rest in peace and practice the politics they were otherwise supposed to do. Abdul Qayom wani and Shah Faisal will be doing no good to Kashmiri people by accusing and abusing each other.

Except few, most of the government employees who join politics venture into it to hide their follies and enjoy immunity against accountability for all wrongdoings they commit during their chequered career. Though, both Wani and Faisal are known for their clean image, but the way they have started their politics seems to get them more critics. One known for his intelligence and knowledge and other for his leadership qualities and grassroots level organisational skills can serve the Kashmiri people in many ways—clean politics included. Qayoom Wani’s tread on the beaten track of exhausted politics will cast him contrary to his earlier image of a valiant fighter for the cause of thousands of employees and overexploited workers. Contrary to it Shah Faisal is yet swimming in the open waters of politics trying to find a place for his thought process. However, his recent visit to his native place exposed many loose ends of his politics. The articulation of his brand of politicking certainly attracted a crowd especially the younger generation, but he was unable to make an impression of speaking for every Kashmiri. Maybe his transformation from a celebrity bureaucrat to a common man’s leader was sudden that too in a fluid political situation like Kashmir, and he is yet to assert himself. In the existing political scenario mostly governed by muscle and money, Shah Faisal has to cross many hurdles. Lack of organisation and organisational skills are his biggest shortfalls. However, presently his sensible distance from the existing politicians and political parties make him a favourite among the youth. And hopefully, this factor will make him survive in politics until he finds a political niche for himself. Leaders like Qayoom Wani with vast experience of mobilising people [crowds] and articulation to touch the heart of common people will prove the best bet. His erstwhile colleagues among trade union fraternity will surely give him a helping hand against all the odds. As a shrewd mass leader, he opted for a political platform. Being a recognised trade union spearhead, he knows the importance and impact of organisation and will use his political party to his best use.

Anyways, past all other political actors both new and the longstanding ones, these two entrants will undeniably make a mark on existing politics [mainstream politics]. Whether they win or lose the electoral battle, the two will be the most watched and analysed political entities. Wani’s well-recognised leadership traits and Shah Faisal’s vast knowledge and quest to clean the murky Kashmir politics pitched against each other will go through a litmus test thus exploring the upcoming vistas of Kashmir politics and its impact on future of Kashmir and its people.

According to MORTH, J&K tops among two other states in road accidents with an average of over 900 deaths every year in the last five years.

In the interest of communal harmony and brotherhood Rajinder Kachru and his like minded friends need to desist from befooling people and spreading hate by parroting same structured narrative and stop creating an atmosphere of fear and terrorising Kashmiri Muslim students presently pursing their studies outside the state, as evidenced in their recently organised conclave on J&K trifurcation held on January 14th, 2019 in Delhi.

Source: Greater Kashmir