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Pak to break good news on Kashmir

Addressing a meeting after a briefing on the Kashmir issue by Prime Minister of Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) Sardar Atique Ahmad Khan, on his arrival from a high-level meeting on Kashmir at Brussels, Gilani said that Pakistan was very much concerned about the solution of the issue. “We would never step back from our principles,” he said.

Congratulating the nation and Kashmiri people on international acceptance of demands of Pakistan on Kashmir issue, Gilani said people would hear good news on Kashmir soon.

Earlier, Sardar Atique told Gilani that it was a great achievement of the government in foreign affairs after 63 years that parliament of the European Union (EU) had accepted the issue of Kashmir as an international issue and initiated its hearing in the parliament.

He said the United Nation, EU and OIC had included the issue in their official documents by adopting a common mechanism on the issue.

He declared it is great success of foreign policy of the government and said the standing committee of EU parliament on Kashmir had restarted its work on the issue.

He thanked prime minister Gilani for his special contribution to rehabilitation work in earthquake affected areas of Kashmir, prompt help to the masses during floods and focusing on the torture of Indian forces on Kashmiri people.


Agencies Lahore, Oct 16: