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The state government at one instance says “CRPF bay lagaam ho gayi hai” and later acknowledges CRPF is the Holy & Pious force they are not there to kill but they are being provoked by some elements which are being funded.

Now let’s examine what has happened off late in Kashmir Valley. 16 young teenagers have been killed in cold blooded murder by the India security forces operating in Kashmir. These killing have taken place during the course 15-days, some of those who were killed were not even part of any protest security forces of GOI simply caught hold of some them and murdered them in the broad day light & so called dynamic CM of J&K has order an enquiry into the killings, just to remind you that killers of the two innocent girls of shopian, machil,wamiq,zahid etc  the outcome is know to the whole world.

As we speak ali sagar(Law Minister of J&K) is giving his views on one of the Indian news channels he says” in order to save further loss of human lives we have called for Army help in Srinagar” Mr. Sagar has forgotten  barely last week he is the one who went on the record to say that CRPF doesn’t listen to the state government orders. How do you expect the holiest people of the India armed forces working under the cover of AFSPA to adhere to your orders when they confront the stone throwing or even the peaceful protestors.  The Army has made it very clear they don’t have the standard equipments which are required to control the protestors. Now in a democratic country all the Army can do if the face the protestors is to shoot at them & kill them. As a common Kashmiri on the ground I guess that is what the state government wants i.e “SAVE THE CHAIR AT ANY COST”, no matter how many kashmiris get killed.

Didn’t we see how naxals dictate the writ of the Indian government in various states by attacking theier security establishments and killing their forces at their will. Why is army being deployed or the AFSPA being Implemented in some of those states?

As a common kashmiri on the ground  I  like feel  the state government & to the GOI is digging its own grave in Kashmir by killing the innocent civilians which is only going to brew anger in them and the day it explodes no armed force of the GOI can stop it. We have seen the trailor of that anger in the summer of 2008. the GOI must read the writing on the wall, solve the Kashmir problem for once and for all live in peace and let the people of Kashmir live in peace.
(The views are of the author’s own)