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Surface traffic, power supply badly hit in Rajouri, Poonch

Power supply in Loran was snapped, while the 11-KVA Saujiyan power line has also developed a fault due to which power supply to the area was snapped, he said.

The power supply network across Poonch district was badly affected due to heavy snowfall and rains in the past 48 hours, officials said on Thursday.

An official of the power development department here told Greater Kashmir that 33 KV Mandi-Loran power feeder has developed a fault due to continuous snowfall.

Power supply in Loran was snapped, while the 11-KVA Saujiyan power line has also developed a fault due to which power supply to the area was snapped, he said.

The power feeders to Haribudda and Islamabad areas are shut following damage to 11-KV lines.

In Surankote, power supply is affected in Hari Marhote areas, where power feeder has developed a fault.

The 33 KVA Bhatta-Dhurian power line is shut since last night, leading to closure of Jarran Wali Gali -I and Jarral Wali Gali-II receiving stations.  

In Mendhar sub-division, an official said, power supply in Salwah and Ari-Harni areas was partially restored but some hamlets continue to be affected.

When contacted, executive engineer of power development department Poonch, Maqbool Naik, said power crisis erupted following heavy snowfall which damaged power infrastructure in the district.

“Our line staff is on the job and all the faulty feeders will be restored by Thursday late evening. But restoration of power in areas where poles and wiring has got damaged will take time,” he said.

Heavy snowfall in higher reaches and rainfall in low-lying areas for the third consecutive day Thursday disrupted normal life in Rajouri and Poonch districts.

Four structures, including three cattle sheds, were damaged due to rains while some livestock was damaged in the twin districts, officials said.

A number of important roads including Rajouri-Budhal, Mandi-Saujiyan and Mandi-Loran remained closed for traffic.

During the intervening Wednesday-Thursday night, the higher reaches of Rajouri and Poonch received heavy snowfall. In some areas, the snow depth was reported to be over four feet.

Deputy commissioner Poonch Rahul Yadav said a cattle shed in Mandi, a house in Khanetar and a cattle shed in Mendhar got damaged due to snowfall.

He also said some animals were killed after coming under debris of collapsed cattle sheds.

Teams have been rushed to access the losses, he said.

In Rajouri, a kacha house got damaged in Kappa Kha locality near Rajouri town when its roof fell due to rains, officials said, adding that the family members who were in the house had a narrow escape.

Meanwhile, due to snowfall, surface traffic was badly in both the districts.

In Poonch, mains roads including Mandi to Loran, Mandi to Saujiyan, Bufliyaz to Chandimarh were closed due to heavy snowfall.

A number of areas like Loran, Saujiyan, Chandimarh, Poshana, Dugra were disconnected from the district headquarters.

DC Yadav said: “Our men and machinery are on job but continuous snowfall is becoming a problem.”

He said GREF has already cleared seven-km-long stretch from Mandi town towards Saujiyan and “we are hopeful that rest of the stretch up to Saujiyan will be cleared till evening if weather witnesses some improvement”.

Similarly, in Rajouri district, a road from Rajouri to Budhal via Kotranka was closed in the morning due to heavy snow accumulation at Kandi Gala and Mandir Gala.

Meanwhile, a road connecting Thanamandi sub-division of Rajouri district with Surankot sub-division of Poonch district via DKG remained closed for the third consecutive day Thursday.

Sub-divisional magistrate Thanamandi Tanveer Khan said the DKG road is completely closed for traffic.

Meanwhile, Rajouri district authorities Thursday suspended class work in schools up to class 5 following heavy rains.

Jammu and Kashmir police on Thursday claimed to have arrested an absconder, who had been evading arrest since the past seven years.

Source: Greater Kashmir