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Troops ban burqa in Lolab: Geelani

Geelani alleged that 18 RR of army has imposed restrictions on wearing of Burqa by women in Lolab. “It is an attack on the honour of people which can’t be tolerated,” he said.

The veteran separatist leader urged people of nearby villages to establish Lalpora as district headquarters and hold massive protests against the army action.

“It is surprising to know that people are thinking to migrate from these areas. These are signs of cowardice and it is not good for a Muslim to act as a coward when his honour is in danger,” he added.

Geelani reiterated that nothing in Kashmir is safe in presence of Indian army. “Until these armed forces vacate the valley, apart from killing our innocent children they are a threat to our religion, culture, identity, economy and our honour,” he alleged.

Refuting the allegations, the Army said the “malicious” report was aimed at defaming the institution. “Army doesn’t interfere in the religious matters of people anywhere in India,” said Army spokesman, Lt Colonel J S Brar.

Brar said that for the past one month Geelani has been carrying a “hate campaign” against the Army. “Geelani is trying to incite people against us. This allegation is in pursuance to his propaganda that he has been carrying against the Indian Army for the past four months,” he said.

Meanwhile, Geelani also expressed concern over the participation of Numberdars in the public darbars organised by police and civil administration in various districts.

“It is unfortunate that while our youth are sacrificing their lives, the Numberdars are holding meeting with their killers. They should not sell the blood and honour of Kashmiri men and women for petty gains by participating in such programmes,” he said.

He threatened to announce complete social boycott against the people who participate in these darbars.

Condemning the detention of High Court Bar president and general secretary, Geelani said, “During the past 20 years, many lawyers were killed while others were detained in jails. They have fought thousands of cases for innocent Kashmiris and helped in securing their release.”

Ishfaq Ahmad Shah Srinagar, Oct 16: