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Impose Governor's rule in JK: Bhim Singh

Singh expressed shock that the Government of India has no idea about the situation and the circumstances that are emerging in J&K during the PDP-BJP rule. He said that there is no governance in the state and the security has collapsed. "The people in Kashmir Valley have been forced to live like prisoner with no security, no protection, no food, no medicine, in other words the situation the people of J&K have been facing for over one week is worst than the prisoners living in prison," he said. The prisoners, at least, are provided food, water and even medical aid whereas the people in the Valley have been forced to live in a situation which can be termed as a hell, he said. He said that what is happening in Kashmir today is unfortunate, undesirable and unacceptable in a civilized society of India where people have fundamental rights enshrined in the heart of the Constitution of India.